The HR Consultant Utility Belt



Exploding batarangs. Bat rope. Tracers. Smoke pellets. Choke pellets. Tranquiliser. Concussion mines. An underwater rebreather. A cryptographic sequencer (I have no idea what this does). Just a few from the endless list of weapons and tools Batman has been known to keep in his trusty utility belt. While Batman is considered to have genius-level intellect and is one of the greatest martial artists in DC Universe history, he has dug deep into his utility belt to save his life many times over.

For HR Consultants, sometimes we might think that our ability and experience will be enough to get us through and save the day for our clients. While that might be true, having a utility belt of tools will come in handy and spare us from unnecessary stress and client anguish.

What would comprise an HR Consultant's utility belt?

  • Predictive assessments/Background checks - Recruitment can form a big chunk of a Consultant's revenue stream, and sometimes we're tended to be judged by our last hire. While a new hire's performance might be beyond the HR consultant's control, we can minimise the risk and predictively check a candidate's fit, as well as do a thorough background check on the candidate's past. Avvanz offers both Predictive Assessments and Background checks (includes social media screening, global watchlists, adverse media screening, criminal and civil litigation checks, and conflicts of interest). You will be charged a fee for each assessment or background check, which you can easily charge back to your client (and possibly add additional margins too!).
  • Applicant tracking systems - There are platforms such as Jazz HR which automate the entire  recruiting process: Post to more than 14 job boards in a single click; have a dashboard of your applicants' progress, trigger automatic emails and tasks to your candidates and interviewers; synchronise calendars such as GMail or Outlook for your applicants and interviewers; maintain candidate scorecards for real-time scores computations on their interviews and tests; complete offers and onboarding faster with e-signatures. You even have real-time data on the weak areas of your recruitment process so you will be able to make adjustments on the fly.
  • Business knowledgebase - In the event your client will need help on complex business issues (such as Organisational Design, Change Management, or Workplace Productivity), be an instant expert and apply proven and well-known methodologies by tapping into online knowledgebases such as Flevy. Examples such as the Mckinsey 7-S model, Greiner Growth Model, ADKAR Change Management Model or the 5S Workplace techniques are available for instant download for a minimal fee (as low as US$20 per document).
  • Employee survey tools - Projects involving employee engagement and employer branding will require a baseline reading on the workplace climate. Rather than doing the surveys manually, get a free account with EmployeeLife Consultant Edition, and conduct employee surveys digitally and instantly. Their online dashboard will allow you to design your surveys (or use template questions from their library of questions), schedule your surveys, and create online reports within minutes of the survey's completion.

Optimum Direct has created a new section of HR tools to specifically cater to HR Consultants. Be well-informed of the tools available to you, so that you will not be caught flat-footed in a tight spot. Remember, regardless of our credentials and past successes, we are only as good as our last act, so always be prepared.

As the caped crusader once said, "It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”


About the author:

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Dondi Alentajan is the Principal Consultant for Alentajan Business Consulting and serves as a consultant for Optimum Direct, a web portal for the best HR tools and software for small business. He was recognised as a “Marketing Maverick” by Business World in 2012, and he headed the Marketing Team nominated “Best Marketing Company” by the PMA for two consecutive years (2010 & 2011). His primary work mission is to help companies and their customers be happier together.