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Dear friends, friends of friends and soon-to-be friends,

I am reaching out for some help, but first a short story about why.  You see, several years ago I took on a role with a good friend of mine to create a better way to conduct employee surveys and collect employee opinions.  I was coming from a background in online surveys, and it never made sense to me that one should conduct a survey, and then have to spend a whole lot of time fiddling with results in excel in order to create powerpoint presentations that were out of date by time they were ready.  My belief was (and still very much is) that employee surveys should be cost effective simply because they are only part of the overall employee insights toolkit.

"Surely it is possible to collect, aggregate, and share results dashboard-style in real-time without all the fuss?" 

Long story short, I was given the opportunity to assemble a small but highly dedicated team, and slowly but surely we have been making our way towards this goal.  We now have a product that at the time of writing this article, is just a few features short of super-awesome.  Don't get me wrong, Employee Life is already used by a growing number of companies, but we are only now getting around to telling the world about it properly.

The reality is that our competitors have very large marketing budgets, and if we were to spend the same in order to get the word out there, then we would have to raise the price.

So instead, I am going old-school and would like to offer a simple exchange:

If you (or anyone you know) conducts employee surveys, get in touch and we will provide you with a personal sign-up link for Employee Life.  You will get 30% of the revenue generated for as long as the product is being used.

If you are a consultancy, a blogger or just happen to be well connected, this could become significant.  The average company would conduct 2-4 surveys per year, and so that could be a few hundred dollars per year per company.

Employee Life can be trialed for free, there are no up-front costs, and no ongoing monthly commitments.  When purchased through Optimum Direct, companies only pay for completed responses.

If this sounds interesting, get in touch.


About the author:


Jason Buchanan is the general manager for insights and innovation of Optimum Consulting Group, a trusted and leading HR consultancy firm in Australia. He is the brain behind Optimum Direct, a web portal of the best HR tools and software for small business. He is interested in finding solutions on how companies can continue to grow without destroying the things that are important to them (employees, customers, suppliers, reputation etc).