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Free Webinar: Conducting Background Checks and Due Diligence on Candidates

Welcome to Avvanz's first interactive Webinar in 2018 on "Background Checks and Due Diligence". We cover:

  • Consequences of not conducting a thorough background check - Case examples are shared. 
  • Why character reference checks need to be replaced by background checks?
  • What should you look out for in a background screening vendor?
  • Type of background checks
  • Social Media Check to check on the ongoing behaviours of a candidate/employee
  • ScreenGlobal platform that enables you to order checks instantly and monitor reports real-time
  • Due Diligence checks at company level.
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The HR Consultant Utility Belt

For HR Consultants, sometimes we might think that our ability and experience will be enough to get us through and save the day for our clients. While that might be true, having a utility belt of tools will come in handy and spare you from unnecessary stress and client anguish.

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