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Recruitment 101: Where to Post Your Job Ads

Some of the common questions we encounter from new recruiters would be: Where is a good place for job postings? What are the best places to post jobs for free?

There are a number of options (free and paid) available to you, and it can be overwhelming. In this article, we have outlined the most necessary options you will have to explore to be sure you've left no stone unturned.

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Up to 37% is Lost from Strategy to Execution

According to a study done by the Harvard Business Review, an average of 37% in potential financial performance is lost due to improper execution.

The sources of the performance loss are actionable, and are therefore correctable. Meaning, you don't have to expect your company to regularly fall short of targets. When you aim for the stars, you should be able to hit quite close to it, if you plan and execute well.

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4 Signs Your HR Needs to Automate its Workflows

In a survey among 800 small and medium businesses in Australia, only 54% are looking to invest in technology and automation. The ills that plagued the education sector back in the 80s still linger with commercial Australia - paper trails that take up a lot of storage space, lost documents, and bottlenecks in the approval process.

Admittedly, the focus of SMEs in terms of investment areas would be on expansion, cost reduction and marketing. But why should SMEs look more into automating their workflows?

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