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Up to 37% is Lost from Strategy to Execution

According to a study done by the Harvard Business Review, an average of 37% in potential financial performance is lost due to improper execution.

The sources of the performance loss are actionable, and are therefore correctable. Meaning, you don't have to expect your company to regularly fall short of targets. When you aim for the stars, you should be able to hit quite close to it, if you plan and execute well.

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You Make (a Lot) Less Money by Not Keeping Employees Engaged

Workers in people-centric organizations are always motivated and driven to succeed, believe in their company, have happier dispositions in life, and are always proud to belong, because the company and its leaders believed in them first.

On the other hand, organizations who view their people as mere expense items have consistently struggled with employee turnover, low morale, terrible productivity, and even poor financial health.

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The Great Eight-Step Guide to Hiring Well

We know how it feels – job vacancies that should have been filled yesterday, no prospects in sight, and a boss that is holding your job security captive if you do not deliver. Many hiring managers have gone down that path, and have crashed and burned.

However, failure need not be your only option. Success in recruiting is very much possible, as evidenced by the multitude of successful careers from all over, and it starts with keeping the right habits consistently.

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The HR Consultant Utility Belt

For HR Consultants, sometimes we might think that our ability and experience will be enough to get us through and save the day for our clients. While that might be true, having a utility belt of tools will come in handy and spare you from unnecessary stress and client anguish.

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Does your workplace measure things that really matter?

Is your workplace innovative?  Does it pride itself on the way it looks after its people?  Perhaps it is fulfilling an important social purpose?  Whatever it is, its reason for being is unique.  Are you measuring these unique foundations in a way that allows you to know they are happening?

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