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This is a free webinar on background checks and due diligence on prospective employees, conducted by Avvanz, a leading provider of background checks and predictive assessments.

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Welcome to your FREE wellbeing & resilience kickstart program. In less than 40 minutes, you will have the knowledge you need to reclaim control of your own wellbeing journey.

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This e-book is a compendium of the best practices of cost-effective job recruitment worldwide, compiled by the Optimum Direct team in just one guide for your convenience and recruiting excellence.

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Plan and implement ground-breaking improvements in your company with the revolutionary method legendary GE CEO Jack Welch used to grow General Electric's market value by 4,000%.

This free guide gives a step-by-step framework how to apply the Work-Out with your company or clients.

5 pitfalls of HR consultants

Free Guide for HR Consultants

For any successful HR Consultancy, there are a number of factors that come into play that lead to success. However, there are also quite a few mistakes or pitfalls that are common (and completely avoidable) to the HR Consultant, that cause unnecessary problems with their clients and ultimately, their consultancy.

In this free guide, we will detail these 5 common but deadly mistakes every HR Consultant should avoid.




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