The 5 Critical Areas for High Performance

For more than 200 high-performing organizations for the last two decades, these were the 5 most common characteristics in successful organizations:


Nurturing Culture – a culture of learning, teamwork and innovation

Structure & Process – clear and organized framework for collaboration and agility

Personal Fulfillment – there’s meaning and purpose in everyone’s roles

Leadership Alignment – people have a strong connection to the company’s vision

External Relations – positive relationships with customers, business partners and the community

For a more detailed description of each of these critical areas, you can download a free PDF of these here.


The 4-Step Optimum Workplace System

The 4-Step Optimum Workplace System is a structured, guided, self-help framework to help companies evaluate their state in each of these 5 key features and establish an on-going improvement drumbeat towards an optimised, high-performing workforce.


Going through the 4 steps will not involve any payment and is absolutely free. And it starts with a free 5-minute self-assessment. Are you ready to take your first step towards an optimised workplace?

Step 1: Take the FREE Self-Assessment below:

For a more accurate gauge of the state of your workplace conditions, we recommend that you proceed to Step 2 - conducting a similar assessment with the rest of your team.

At the end of Step 2, your team will start to identify specific action plans to optimize your workplace. And you will already be half-way done with the OWS.