Welcome to Step 4 of the 4-Step Optimum Workplace System (OWS)

You are on this page because it means you have just completed Step 3 - the team action planning (if not, you can simply go back to Step 3 here). You are now on the last leg towards optimizing your workforce for peak performance.

process 4.jpg

After your team has identified clear action points, it is critical that progress is regularly monitored, and there are a number of ways to do this:

  • Set regular coordination meetings per team to monitor progress against targets; or
  • Monitor your teamโ€™s goals and progress with a real-time, internal social network and greatly reduce valuable time spent on meetings. Check out My EmployeeLife to set-up an ongoing performance drumbeat.

Once your monitoring system is in place and progress is accomplished, repeat Steps 2 to 4 of the OWS to validate workplace improvements and sustain peak performance.