The Juicy Effect: 33 Day Challenge


Senior Leaders are under continuous pressure. However, the good news is that we live in a time where we have access to ever expanding knowledge about how the human body and mind work.  It is possible to harness this knowledge in a way that allows us to thrive – to show up and perform at our best.  

The 33-Day Challenge For Top Performance is an experiential program designed specifically for Senior Business Leaders with busy schedules.  It provides participants with new skills and knowledge to perform in a sustainable manner:

  1. Building resilience by exploring its root causes.
  2. Optimising overall wellbeing choices.
  3. Techniques to prime the mind for success.

Helps to stretch your budget how?

1. Effectiveness.  By focusing on all aspects of foundational wellbeing, participants learn how to operate and make decisions from a position of energy, vitality and clarity.

2. Tailored.  The reason why most 'classroom' training doesn't work is that it doesn't address the requirements of individuals.  The 33-Day Challenge tailors to each participant.

3. Convenient.  Leaders have busy schedules, and often need to juggle diaries.  The 33-Day Challenge caters to the ever-shifting priorities of Leaders and is still effective!


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