EmployeeLife Surveys: Consultant Edition

Employee Life Consultant Edition was created specifically to support HR-oriented consultants to complete employee surveys on behalf of clients, and save a lot of time and money as well.  

Saves time and money how?

1. Pay only when you use the platform.  Rather than paying for software licenses up front, you pay only for the number of completed responses per project, which you build into your costs with clients.

2. Create reports quickly and easily.  Employee Life Consultant Edition allows you to quickly compare previous survey results and instantly export the graphs to your own reporting templates. Within a few minutes after a survey is completed, be able to send your clients a shareable link to a dashboard, such as this.

3. Compare your clients against each other.  Yes you read that correctly, you can instantly create your own set of benchmarks for your own survey questions and compare each client against each other, or to the average, with minimal effort.


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