Employer Brand Booster

Every employer wants to assure prospective applicants that their company walks the talk, and does a very fine job of adhering to its company vision and values. But how can you say this more convincingly?

You don't have to say anything. Let your applicants get it straight from the horse's mouth - your employees. Starting at A$500, you can give your prospective applicants a shareable website link like this, and instantly give them a glimpse of your company culture with unparalleled credibility. Your employees will become your company's ambassadors, and will serve as the best endorsers to your applicant prospects.

We can give you a fully-managed survey based on your company values, send it to your employees, and provide you a shareable dashboard within minutes of the survey's completion.


Verified Workplace Report Example

Setting this up for you will be quick and easy. Just drop us a line, and we'd be happy to help you boost your employer branding and credibility cost-effectively.