Fully-Managed Employee Surveys

If you conduct employee surveys, there are generally two options.  You can either do it yourself (using a platform like Employee Life),  or have a Consultancy do it for you.  Unfortunately, both of these options have their drawbacks.

If you are doing it all yourself, you have a time problem.  The mechanics of properly conducting a survey, and making sure that everything is correct, sending reminders and monitoring what is happening, can be quite a task.

Of course, having it done through an external source can drain a significant part of your budget.

Engauge Surveys will shortly be rolled into Optimum Direct.  Same people, same processes, just a different name. Watch the video, but use the form below to get a quote.

Or, why not let us do it for you?  Think of us as your outsourced employee survey support crew. It's surveys-as-a-service!  Rather than you doing all the work yourself, our expert team behind the scenes can do it for you, so you can work on other important things.  We use the Employee Life platform (something we are extremely familiar with, that has been specifically designed for employee surveys, and is incredibly efficient to use once you know how!!).  And we know how to do it properly, we have supported hundreds of surveys in this way.

How does this help you stretch your budget?

1.  Save Time.  A slick set of processes will have your survey completed in no time by people who conduct surveys every day.  You just need to give us a few things like a final set of survey questions, the list of employees, and the dates you want everything to happen by), and we do the rest.  We even update you along the way in real-time.  Seriously convenient.

2. Save Money.  No software to buy, no surprises, just a low per-survey fixed cost.  We work out what that cost will be prior to the survey running, and then lock it in!   You only pay when you use the service.  No survey, no software sitting idle being unused.

3. Prompt Action.  Real-time reports are available immediately online, which means you can take immediate action from survey results.  Of course, we can assist you with a few additional things, but most of our customers are really good at doing the clever stuff, we are the no-hassle engine that works behind the scenes.


Get a quote simply by getting in touch.  Just tell us how many questions, how many employees, relevant dates, and we will get in touch.

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