JazzHR Recruiting Software

Streamline Your Hiring Process

JazzHR is a powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable recruiting software that helps you improve and customize your entire hiring process. Replace time-consuming tasks in email and spreadsheets with a centralized applicant tracking system that saves time and consistently results in making better hires.


JazzHR seamlessly ties into each step of your hiring process.

1. GET CANDIDATES; Broadcast your job openings everywhere qualified candidates are looking.

  • Post to 14+ Job Boards with A Single Click
    Post jobs to the most popular free and premium job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor
  • Harness the Power of Employee Referrals
    Invite co-workers to refer job candidates through JazzHR’s fast, easy and efficient platform
  • Attract Candidates with a Great Careers Page
    Create a better candidate experience using JazzHR’s customizable, mobile-ready careers pages

2. MANAGE CANDIDATES; Replace time-consuming tasks in email and spreadsheets with a powerful applicant tracking system.

  • Better Manage Your Candidate Pipeline
    Track the progression of your candidates through customizable recruiting stages or JazzHR’s default workflow
  • Stay In The Know
    Stay informed with a real-time stream of the latest activities related to your candidates
  • Automate Redundant Busywork
    Save time by triggering emails and assigning tasks between stages to automate repetitive tasks

3. INTERVIEW CANDIDATES; Bring your A-Game to every interview using JazzHR’s revolutionary interview tools.

  • Coordinate Guided Interviews
    Empower interviews to ask insightful questions using customizable and mobile-friendly interview guides
  • Easily Schedule Interviews
    Sync personal calendars like Gmail or Outlook to view availability and find times that work for everyone
  • Compare Candidates and Collaborate as a Team
    Use Candidate Scorecards and Assessments to evaluate prospective employees with your team members

4. HIRE CANDIDATES: Digitize the entire offer process to save valuable time and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.

  • Create and Send Offer Letters in Minutes
    Embed tokened fields in JazzHR’s offer letter templates to easily generate letters on the fly
  • Track Each Version of your Offer Template
    See a history of your template so you know what’s happened and can revisit later
  • Complete Offers and Onboarding Faster with eSignatures
    Eliminate stacks of paperwork and completely digitize your offer acceptance and onboarding processes

5. LEARN AND IMPROVE: Uncover hidden inefficiencies and opportunities within your recruiting process.

  • Stay Compliant
    Fulfill reporting requirements and be prepared to address legal matters using compliance reports
  • Customize your Data
    Get unprecedented access to your data with JazzHR’s 100% customizable reports
  • Expose Recruiting Opportunities
    Identify where the best candidates are found and uncover bottlenecks in your process

6. OPTIMIZE YOUR HIRING PROCESS: Analyze billions of data points to deliver actionable insights to your entire hiring process.

  • Improve How your Company Recruits
    Learn which skills, schools and job boards are associated with top candidates using characteristic metrics
  • Benchmark your Recruiting Efforts with big data
    Inform your planning and measure overall performance using recruiting efficiency metrics
  • Explore Industry Standard Salary Ranges per Job
    Get job-specific insights using the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data to research average competitive salaries in your area

This short demonstration video below will walk you through the key features and functionality of Jazz's powerful, easy-to-use and affordable software:


About JazzHR

Since 2009, JazzHR has helped thousands of companies reach and exceed their recruiting goals. With over 4,000 customers and 100,000 positions filled, JazzHR is on a mission to enable today’s greatest people build tomorrow’s greatest companies.