Kinetic: Offshore Staffing Solutions


What we do

We are a leading outsourcing company providing dedicated remote staff and offshore staffing services.

We connect you with a large pool of highly skilled English-speaking employees in the Philippines.

We partner with you throughout recruitment, appointment, training and beyond.

How it works

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Benefits for Employers

  • Creating cost efficiency within your business by reducing labour costs.
  • Providing additional human resource to your existing workforce... making your onshore team more productive.
  • Enabling you to compete more effectively against your competitors.
  • Providing professional career development opportunities for your current team members.
  • Increasing capacity within your team to reduce bottlenecks within your business and to reduce risk.
  • Being flexible and scalable as your business needs change over time.
  • Reducing your overtime bill.

Client Testimonials

How About the Numbers?

We know your decision to utilise offshore staff isn't all about price ... but it's probably an important factor!

The table below is a comparison of the average salary cost in Australia compared to the cost to have a full-time staff member in the Philippines.

To keep things simple we haven't included the extra costs to employ in Australia, such as superannuation, payroll tax, workers compensation, long service leave, unfair dismissal claims etc! also ... there are no recruitment fees!


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