Assessment tools

Do you need to get the opinions and sentiments of your employees? How about measuring the fit of your prospective applicants?
We have the right assessment tool kits that will help you conduct employee surveys, or predictive assessments, or and run reports in an instant. Whether you are a member of your human resource department or a professional consultant, we have the right tools for you.

Compensation & Benefits

Managing your employees' compensation and benefits program can be downright confusing and time-consuming. These HR solutions can help you improve both your productivity and your employee experience.

HR Information Systems

You need to focus on growing your business, improving your culture and your employee experience. With so much to be done with so little time, these human resource management tools can help you save lots of time - and money.


You need knowledgebase tools to help you with HR and admin work. Whether it is a presentation template, contracts and policies, business framework, performance analysis report, or human resource management review - we have it all covered. Check the best tools for your organisation below.

Learning & Development

Employee learning and development are critical employee programs. These are essential to help your organisation perform better. To organize and automate your learning and development programs for your employees, or tap into ready-made training programs, these tools will help you


Effective onboarding process contributes greatly to the employee experience and performance of your employee. Thus, you need the right process and tools to make your employee onboarding a success. Browse through some of the best onboarding tool kits available.

Performance Management

Performance management plays a critical role in assessing the effectiveness of an organisation’s business strategy. It is also a basis in providing rewards and recognising good work among your employees. But how do you do effective performance management? Browse our resources below to know how.


The recruitment process can be highly competitive, with little room for error, to get the best available hire. That’s why many companies create their own recruitment team within their human resource department to oversee the whole process and ensure they don't get left behind. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and resources, when we have these solutions to help you. 

Time-Tracking & Payroll

For HR Consultants

The work of HR consultants is never ending. But you don’t need to work so hard and spend so much of your time in accomplishing your goals and meeting your targets. We have the right HR tools and resources to make you more productive and efficient in what you do best. 

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